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How do You Help a Grieving Friend?

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We are proud to offer Emily McDowell & Friends support and sympathy cards. Their mix of humor and empathy are the perfect way to send love to a friend going through a tough time. It might be hard to choose just one!

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Etsy is where Tender Heart Tools was born in February 2017. Check out our five-star reviews here. 

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During those terrible times where you don't know what to say or how to help, I am grateful for Tender Heart Tools. These sweet and thoughtful gifts are curated by someone who has been there and let your loved ones know they are not alone while they're grieving. It's the gift you hope you'll never have to send, but are so grateful for if you do.

Megan F.

Tender Heart Tools is the closest thing to giving your loved ones a big hug. I sent a package to a family member going through chemo. She was overwhelmed with joy in terms of the thoughtfulness of the package and the way the various tools brought relief to her worry and pain. I would recommend sending these packages to any loved one who needs extra love and support.

Sara H.

Sending this package made me feel like there was something tangible and actionable I could do to help a friend who was grieving.  The items in the package are so thoughtful and it was helpful to be able to convey that support through this package. 

Hillary H.

After my mother-in-law passed away, my friends sent my husband and me a Tender Heart Grief Box. It was a nice alternative to flowers because all of its components were useful and comforting. 
My husband, his brother, and father each took one of the handkerchiefs. I love holding on to the stones when I am stressed or upset.  I use a squirt of “sigh-of-relief” every night on my pillow case.  
Thank you, Tender Heart Tools, for giving me a source of comfort during some tough days!

Annie C.

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